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Giving Back

Social Responsibility

The owners and the staff of the Bougainvillea Hotel, through its Bougainvillea Foundation, have a commitment to help the community to which we belong. These are some of our finished and working projects:

• In 1996, we built 10 classrooms and a dining room for our local school.

• We collaborate with the Hogar María Foundation, an organization dedicated to taking care of the elderly in the community, with a monthly financial contribution.

• We support the Casa de Pan Shelter with a monthly financial aid. This organization serves more than 40 orphaned children. We have formed a "group of friends" that help a specific child on a monthly basis, with a $30.00 contribution, plus remembering this child`s birthday and helping celebrate his/her birthday and special achievements in school. Also, the hotel has managed to keep the shelter equipped with bed linens and towels. Twice a year, there are special days when all children are welcome in the hotel, so they can enjoy our facilities.

• Thanks to the work of the Bougainvillea Foundation, we provide scholarships to children and teenagers from nearby schools.

• The Hotel Bougainvillea is the main sponsor of Debra Costa Rica, a non-profit organization that helps children affected by Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).